[OpenIndiana-discuss] Seagate 3000GB Drive only shows 746GB

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Fri Sep 28 21:58:54 UTC 2012

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 11:15 PM, Reginald Beardsley
<pulaskite at yahoo.com> wrote:
> There are at least 3 issues here:
> 1) USB drives can't use format(1m).  The man page for rmformat(1m) suggests it will create an EFI label for disks over 1 TB, but it doesn't appear to work.  See below.

Never use rmformat.
And it is baseless nonsense, that USB drives don't work with format.
Who claims that? A man page ?? Yes, I recall that I also read that
nonsense long ago.
Just don't believe it. It has no meaning.

> 2) The USB mass storage driver may not handle disks over 1 TB.  I know that was the case w/ Sol 10 u7 when I tried to use a 1.5 TB USB disk. In that case, Solaris simply refused to see the device at all even though Linux and Windows did.

I use 10 distict drives in ZFS mirrors, and each of these drives is at
least 1TB in size, most are 1.5TB and 2TB.
These drives are mostly from Samsung, but also include Seagate and WD.
They are organized in simple 1:1 ZFS mirrors.
You say I dreamt it, that I use them since 2008?
>From 2008 to 2010 I even thought, let me be smart and save power. For
this reason I used 2 FSC Amilo Laptops (one with AMD, the other with
Intel) and I sold the internal 2.5" SATA hdds and exclusively used
external USB 3.5" storage, which I even used as boot disks with
PowerMangament was an instability factor, so rem_drv pm as always, and
that's it.
No need to configure power.conf etc  ...
But the overall performace and cooling of these Laptops was bad.
Therefore I eventually gave up that idea.

I dreamt all that?

> 3) As noted, the USB/SATA interface in the enclosure may not handle disks over 1 TB.  A more recent enclosure should solve that problem.

More recent is not always the solution, as the Lindy example has shown.
Just try different bridges, until you find one that works (while most
should meanwhile!).

> If the disk came in the enclosure, then it should work and it's probably a driver issue.
> As an experiment I hooked up the Hitachi drive I'm about to RMA because of SMART warnings about sector reallocation via a USB<->SATA adaptor.


> I can't say where the problem lies, but because the disk works via a SATA connection but not via USB, I think it's somewhere in the USB<->SATA chain.  Unfortunately that has lots of moving parts :-(


   %martin bochnig

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