[OpenIndiana-discuss] opensolaris.org shutting down next month

Chris Ridd chrisridd at mac.com
Wed Feb 13 22:36:51 UTC 2013

On 13 Feb 2013, at 21:50, Stefan Müller-Wilken <stefan.mueller-wilken at acando.de> wrote:

> Dear all,
> looking at opensolaris.org today, I noticed a heading saying that it will be shut down on March 24th. Is there an archive of all the precious content securely stored away for later use? Sad to see how You-Know-Who is blowing away all its Open Source heritage.

Hi Stefan,

Some (but I don't know how much) of the content is being migrated to java.net, isn't it? OpenGrok's moved to github, and Illumos run a live opengrok instance.

It would be lovely if Oracle could put in a permanent redirect to illumos.org, but I think hell might freeze over before that happens :-)


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