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Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Wed Jun 5 17:04:07 UTC 2013

Future information about OpenSXCE x86, amd64, sun4u and sun4v for now on
Good souls are already helping with the release notes, web page, hosting,
financing, and:

Dave McGuire just offered to host the OpenSXCE mailing lists.
Ken Mays creates the Release Notes, wiki style page and SPONSORS section
with all names.

And: From 2013.06 on all subsequent monthly releases of OpenSXCE will no
longer be based on Illumos.*NON*-org, but on
Igor Kozhukhov's great DilOS.org OS/Net work.

IT WILL BE AN OPENSRC OS and everybody, from all distros or consolidations,
is welcome to copy ideas and code from us.
Sadly I see no future on this list, therefore this sad step.

BIG BIG THANKS TO ALL OpenSXCE helpers, doners, supporters and real friends.


%martin bochnig


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