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Marc Lobelle marc.lobelle at uclouvain.be
Fri Jun 7 14:45:26 UTC 2013

On  7/06/13 12:36, Christopher Chan wrote:
>> If your purpose is to provide a distribution with an up to date illumos at its core and the
>> applications everybody expects on desk/lap-tops easily installable, then I consider your
>> work as a really important and I would be ready helping you to live of it.
>> But make it possible to easily install all available applications, whether provided by openindiana,
>> opencsw or yourself directly. One of the missing ones seems to be asterisk, by the way.
> asterisk?
> Now that things seem to be more in the direction of gcc, you'll get asterisk eventually. The main 
> problem with getting asterisk on Solaris was that its code made a lot of use of gcc'isms that Sun 
> Studio CC does not handle.
> Do you need hardware support or just asterisk itself with sip support?
Just asterisk. I want to be able to able to handle sip and AIX phones, and connect to other asterisk 
servers (including public operators-. So far I used sheeva plug computers as asterisk servers with 
usb sticks as disks, but it is not very reliable en a bit limited. I'd prefer to add this to an 
openidiana box hugely more reliable and powerfull.

I installed one of these sheeva boxes at home an another in a university in west africa. Both died. 
and phoning the guys down there over asterisk is a lot cheaper than over the traditional phone !

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