[OpenIndiana-discuss] Any hardware snafus in this lineup?

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Tue Mar 18 19:47:56 UTC 2014

Philip Robar <philip.robar at gmail.com> writes:


> A server motherboard will have ECC support, Intel NICs and IPMI for remote
> management. Supermicro is most people's server board brand of choice, but
> there's also Tyan, ASUS and others to choose from.
> One of the new Intel Atom Avoton (4 or 8 core) server motherboard/CPU
> combos from ASrock or Supermicro are even more attractive from an energy
> cost standpoint. (This is a serious consideration for a system that runs
> 24x7.) (http://www.servethehome.com has reviews of several of these.)

Sorry to be a pest with this  PS, but any chance you can lay out a few
models of mobo cpu that have your idea of home server type setup?

Also, is it at all likely that any of them would be able to run IDE
drives? I have a couple of 500 GB that would make a good OS drive and

It appears the two (mobo and cpu) together that you are discussing
could be $700 or more, but possibly I don't know how to pick out
candidates and am looking at the wrong stuff.

I'd like to keep the price below $1500  With a few extra HDD not being
part of that price... so I guess really something like $1800+.

Do you think its possible using the high end of the equipment you are
proposing ... then case, powersupply, fans.  possible graphics card
etc etc?

I do not require a dedicated graphics card but just not sure how
SupperMicro boards are likely to be configured.... if they offer built
in graphics, and audio capabilities or what.

Really, any URLS you can offer, or google searches you can suggest to
help get this thing off the ground... would be appreciated.

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