[OpenIndiana-discuss] Firefox can't save files

Michael Stapleton michael.stapleton at techsologic.com
Tue Mar 18 20:43:09 UTC 2014

I have The same problem in ff 26.0 on OI u7 . Running firefox from the
command line gives the following error:

WORKER ERROR DURING SETUP Error: couldn't find function symbol in

>From Mozzilla site:

What is OS.File?

        OS.File is a new API designed for efficient, off-main thread,
        manipulation of files by privileged JavaScript code. This API is
        intended to replace, in time, most XPCOM-based manipulation of
        files (nsIFile, subsets of nsIIOService, etc.) by JavaScript

I'm still digging to find the issue.
If I create a new Profile in firefox, the problem is not there... for a
while. after some use the problem appears in the new profile as well.
The problem is more than just saving files, it looks like Firefox looses
the ability to even read files. I see this when looking at the trouble
shooting section where most of the data is blank,


On Tue, 2014-03-18 at 03:04 -0700, Apostolos Syropoulos wrote:

> > 
> > Firefox is downloading on /tmp typically and AFTER completion,
> > moves it to the final location. Meanwhile, the final file exists
> > as a dummy with size zero. So AFTER download, the final file should
> > have the correct size.
> > -- 
> The problem is that it has zero size. That's why I posted my
> message.
> A.S.
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