[OpenIndiana-discuss] How to let find 'see' .zfs directories

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Thu Mar 20 14:55:21 UTC 2014

Timothy Coalson <tsc5yc at mst.edu> writes:

> There is the "snapdir" property, which when set to "hidden" will prevent
> things from knowing that the .zfs directory is there from a directory
> listing - note, however, that changing it to show the directory may cause
> GNU find to behave strangely whenever it looks at the root of a zfs
> filesystem (including over nfs) if you don't turn off a particular
> optimization based on link counts (I believe you need to use -noleaf) - the
> .zfs directory isn't counted in the link counts, so it may think it is done
> finding subdirectories before it actually is.
> You could instead test for the existence of the .zfs directory in all
> folders, with some kind of "find . -type d -exec 'test -d {}/.zfs'"
> construct (I have not tested that line).  The scripts I use with snapshots
> use a lot of "zfs list -H -o name" ("-d 1 -t snapshot" is useful with a

> filesystem) and "zfs get -Hp", other solutions might give false positives


Thanks for the input.   What is supposed to happen using your last cmd
I wasn't sure what property I should be getting so tried:

   zfs get all -Hp p2/rmh

Not sure how you meant to use that... not seeing particularly usefull
output here.

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