[OpenIndiana-discuss] How to let find 'see' .zfs directories

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Thu Mar 20 15:06:18 UTC 2014

Jim Klimov <jimklimov at cos.ru> writes:


> On one hand, I miss an "rm" interface to kill snapshots as easily
> as "mkdir" makes them ;)
> Overall, why don;t you use zfs-autosnap service and set up the
> amount of regular snapshots you want kept for a particular schedule?
> Also in its second (current) incarnation, the service can kill more
> autosnaps if the pool runs out of a threshold percentage of free space.
> To your original question, see the "snapdir" property on datasets.

Ok, thanks for the good input... helpful as always .. both posts

About auto snapshots... I've just returned to my tinkering with oi,
after a prolonged absence and have seemingly forgotten nearly every
little bit I learned last time.  My pea brain doesn't hold much but
even that is looking quite sparse... he he.

I do recall over multiple tinkerings over a few yrs, having
considerable trouble with that service.

Right now, checking with 'svcs -xv' the only thing comes up is about
the smb service... so apparently right now the auto snap stuff is
running ok and this confirms it:

  svcs|grep auto
  legacy_run     Mar_19   lrc:/etc/rc2_d/S72autoinstall
  online         Mar_19   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:daily
  online         Mar_19   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:weekly
  online         Mar_19   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:monthly
  online         Mar_19   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:hourly
  online         Mar_19   svc:/system/filesystem/zfs/auto-snapshot:frequent

So yeah, the auto services would be a big relief, and set to snarf off
the oldies after a set number I guess.

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