[OpenIndiana-discuss] Using large (3-4 TB) USB disks for backups

John D Groenveld jdg117 at elvis.arl.psu.edu
Wed Mar 26 21:16:41 UTC 2014

In message <1395855699.31700.YahooMailBasic at web161501.mail.bf1.yahoo.com>, Regi
nald Beardsley writes:
># cfgadm -v -c unconfigure usb9/3
>Unconfigure the device: /devices/pci at 0,0/pci10de,cb79 at 4,1:3
>This operation will suspend activity on the USB device
>Continue (yes/no)? yes
>cfgadm: Hardware specific failure: Cannot issue devctl to ap_id: /devices/pci@
>0,0/pci10de,cb79 at 4,1:3

On Solaris 11, I sometimes find a usb_reset will work
when the drive won't disconnect or unconfigure.
# cfgadm -x usb_reset usb9/3

groenveld at acm.org

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