[OpenIndiana-discuss] Recovering from power loss on USB ZFS pool?

Andrew Gabriel illumos at cucumber.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 15:31:36 UTC 2014

In my experience, one USB stick usually works OK.
Multiple USB sticks all accessed together, and you usually find the 
transport to all of them goes up and down like a yoyo, as though 
something was getting the threading of the connections across USB 
screwed up. (This is a shame because I'd love to use it to mock up a 
storage array for ZFS demos.)

IIRC, this issue started with a new USB framework early in Solaris 10, 
and is still like that in current Solaris 11.

USB disks can work better than USB sticks, but I haven't ever tried a 
direct substitution in the same environment where USB sticks fail, so I 
don't know if that's universally true.

Some USB sticks have only limited command support. If you get hangs when 
trying to use only one USB stick at a time, add the following to 

attribute-override-list="vid=* reduced-cmd-support=true";

and then "update_drv -f scsa2usb" (or reboot). However, this does 
nothing to fix the multiple USB sticks issue above. (You can make this 
option selective for specific USB stick models only - see the comments 
in the file.)

On 28/03/2014 15:04, Michael Stapleton wrote:
> I'm not sure when things changed, but way back in the OpenSolaris days,
> I had the root drive in my laptop mirrored to an external USB drive.
> I never had problems back then. I would do a demonstration where I would
> remove the USB drive while the laptop was up and running, and then plug
> the USB submirror into another laptop and boot from it.
> Never had a problem. I could even reattach the USB drive to my laptop
> and it would resilver automatically.
> Is the problem ZFS or USB or FMA? no idea. But the was a regression of
> sorts.
> I don't think Solaris11 suffers from this.
> Mike

Andrew Gabriel

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