[OpenIndiana-discuss] [discuss] which to use: smb/server or samba

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Fri Mar 28 18:29:56 UTC 2014

While our main fileserver was with older SXCE, we had no practical
problems with the kernel CIFS server (smb/server). However since
migrating to oi_151a8 (in an MS AD domain), and also on a home NAS
with oi_151a8 (workgroup mode) I sometimes see the server requiring
logins from CIFS users accessing it, while at other times they work
"seamlessly", often after either a server or client restart. I asked
around, including these lists, but still don't know what it is about.

According to dmesg, it fails to authenticate a "guest" user and/or
find its home directory... that is a valid statement, the guest has
no home and guest access is not enabled - but the session should be
working as an authenticated user in the first place!

It may be that users of one or another installation will get annoyed
by this enough to replace smb/server with equivalent Samba setup,
but so far it works as it does...

On another hand, the smb/server has, beside the file services, some
RPC integration with Windows management tools (system log views, SMF
service management, shares...) - just point your "Computer Manager"
from Windows to "Connect to another computer..." ;)

Not that WE need this much, but I can see how corporate environments
can benefit from a single administrative model, having a solaris or
illumos based fileserver behave like a windows one in their domain,
especially if it is an appliance and they have no unix admins on site.

//Jim Klimov

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