[OpenIndiana-discuss] smb/server not getting a socket - service fails

Marion Hakanson hakansom at ohsu.edu
Fri Mar 28 19:24:33 UTC 2014

reader at newsguy.com said:
> From: /var/svc/log/network-smb-server:default.log
>   [ Mar 28 13:27:06 Executing start method ("/usr/lib/smbsrv/smbd start"). ]
>   smbd: NetBIOS services started
>   smbd: kernel bind error: Address already in use
>   smbd: daemon initialization failed
>   [ Mar 28 13:27:06 Method "start" exited with status 95. ] 


This error message in general means that the socket is already in use.
In practice, it usually means the service is already (still?) running,
but it could also mean that something else (maybe "samba") is making
use of the socket.

You may find a clue using "netstat -a" (or "-an"), and look for ports
445, 137, 138, 139 being in use.  445 would be used by both the
kernel CIFS (smb/server) and by samba, for example.  So only one such
service could be running at a time.



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