[OpenIndiana-discuss] [io in Vbox vm] Will this work?

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sat Mar 29 20:18:41 UTC 2014

Running: oi -b 151_a8 in vbox vm on win7 host.

Before doing an update of nearly one thousand pkgs I think I'd like to
make a full clone.

I've set my zpools up in paired mirros of 2 disks each. Four in all.

A couple of them have several hundred GB each in the z fs's.

I'd like to take those two pools off line before cloning.... by
offline, I don't mean anything in oi, but to simply make them
unavailable at the location where vbox-oi expects them.

I've learned from previous occurrences where I inadvertently caused
some disks to be unavailable... that OI has no real problems with

I can shutdown, make them available and restart.... then carry on like

So, if I make the clone with the biggest zpools offline, then make the
clone, I'm pretty sure I could make the disks available, start the
clone (if it turns out I need to) and carry on.

Can any one say if that sounds completely crazy or maybe offer some
other way to avoid having to deal with 500 GB of data while making a

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