[OpenIndiana-discuss] publish own ips package

Randy S sim.ple at live.nl
Mon Mar 31 09:48:37 UTC 2014


Trying to add own packages to local repo according to instructions found at:

Basically boils down to creating a local repo with dir  /IPS/packaging/
Add software to ips directory structure
pkgsend generate /IPS/packaging/mypackage > \

pkgmogrify mypackage.manifest.1 mypackage.transform > mypackage.manifest.2 

pkgdepend generate -md /IPS/packaging/mypackage mypackage.manifest.2 > \

pkgdepend resolve -m mypackage.manifest.3

All is well to this point. And then just when you think that the last step would be a formality.....

pkgsend -s publish -d \
  /IPS/packaging/mypackage mypackage at 1.0.0-0.167 \

Gives me (and probably only me..) the error....

pkgsend publish: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'helpfile at 1.0.0-'

I used my own  dir and file to create a package. For the rest everything was done exactly as on the above mentioned site...

Help ?


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