[OpenIndiana-discuss] LSI 9211-8i kernel error message

Brogyányi József brogyi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 14:57:32 UTC 2014

> This output likely rules out your cabling and possibly your power supply
> as being an issue.  All the link rates negotiated at 6Gbit and there are
> no error, sync, or reset issues reported presumably by the hba which is
> good.
> I've seen issues similar to your caused by the power supply being under
> powered or low quality.
> I'd recommend looking at smartmontools and what you get out of
> smartctl -d scsi -x /dev/....
> Look for Non-media error count and if its increasing with each message.
> At the end of the output there's typically a SAS SSP section that lists
> other link related counters that the drive is tracking.  I just looked
> at one of my systems and the hba doesn't show any link issues (via
> sasinfo) but the drive has registered several Invalid DWORD count,
> Running disparity error count, and Loss of DWORD synchronization events.
> This system isn't producing any disk or hba error messages so this may
> be common or typical.
Yes that's little bit odd. The file server is running. It looks like 
everything is fine. Just that dmesg and smartctl messages bother me.
Later I'll buy a better sata cable. Here is mine.
Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) to 4X SATA angled cable, Mini SAS to SATA 
angled 0.5m

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