[OpenIndiana-discuss] Creating a network with zones

Jonathan Adams t12nslookup at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 22:11:43 UTC 2014

I don't quite get what you're trying to do ...

do you want a computer that connects 4 networks to an external router box,
but you don't want any of the networks to talk to each other?

Is this a physical thing you're trying to do, or is this just testing a

The first you can do by joining 5 networks together in one box and then
just ipf'ing the interfaces so that they can't talk to each other ... that
is if I read you correctly.

If the networks that you are separating use the same physical wires as each
other then you have different issues over your security ...


On 13 November 2014 17:35, Joris FAGBEMIRO <fagbjoris at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi.
> I want to create a bit complex network which will have one router zone
> connected to four different networks.Each of these networks will have a
> firewall which will be between the router zone and the other zones of these
> networks.
> So i have to connect the firewalls to the router and here is my
> question:can i connect directly the firewalls to the router (so i should
> create four VNIC on the router zone) or should i use an etherstub (virtual
> switch)?More generally,my question is that:can two VNICs of different zones
> be connected directly?or it's necessary to use a virtual switch?
> Thanks!!!
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