[OpenIndiana-discuss] Equivalent of command "sysconfig"

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Nov 19 08:17:17 UTC 2014

19 ноября 2014 г. 0:06:26 CET, Joris FAGBEMIRO <fagbjoris at gmail.com> пишет:
>Thanks.i will try it.
>I want to know also if you know a good tuto about configuration of VLAN
>the using of a router zone to forward packets across the VLANs.
>In my architecture i have three subnets from which three wire (one per
>subnet) are plugged into a switch and the router zone is also plugged
>this etherstub.i want to use VLAN to separate these three network and
>the router zone to route packets between these 3 VLANS.
>On 11/17/14 11:38, Joris FAGBEMIRO wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I want to create a configuration profile for a zone (which will be
>> So i have type "sysconfig create-profile" and the system said that
>> command can't be found.
>> Do you know an equivalent of this command who will permit me to
>create a
>> configuration profile for a zone?
>"sysconfig" is a Solaris 11 invention, and thus doesn't exist in open
>Personally, I'd just create a list of commands for zonecfg in a file
>then use "zonecfg -z zonename -f commandfile" to create each zone, with
>suitable replacements added by a script.  Searching by google finds a
>number of scripts that seem to automate this task, but I've never had a
>need to try any.
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Regarding the routing - see if this article applies? It is word-aimed at a slightly different application, but should cover all the relevant setup (by itself and/or by link crawling). Notably, Sun dhcpd is away from recent releases in favor of ISC Dhcpd.

HTH, Jim
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