[OpenIndiana-discuss] Workspace Switcher in oi_151a9

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Fri Nov 28 15:56:50 UTC 2014

The Workspace Switcher 2.30.2 (to switch between virtual desktops) 
provided in oi_151a9 differs from the included help documentation. 
The help documentation says that the number of columns can be adjusted 
but the preferences documentation only allows adjusting the number of 
rows.  The help documentation also says that each virtual desktop can 
be named.  If I increase the number of rows, the number of virtual 
desktops does not increase (there are four), but space is allocated 
for the extra row in the switcher.

In Solaris 10, I enjoy the ability to create as many virtual desktops 
as I like (I am using 9) and the ability to name those desktops so 
that each desktop can be used to support a named activity.  The 
switcher in OI 151a9 does not provide a way to name each virtual 

Does the Workspace Switcher Preferences dialog actually reflect what 
the Workspace Switcher is capable of doing?  Is this simplistic 
preferences dialog some sort of bug?  Is there a way to make the OI 
desktop more usable by replacing/bypassing this preferences dialog?

Bob Friesenhahn
bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us, http://www.simplesystems.org/users/bfriesen/
GraphicsMagick Maintainer,    http://www.GraphicsMagick.org/

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