[OpenIndiana-discuss] Imagining The Unimaginable

jay at m5.chicago.il.us jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Thu Mar 5 14:41:42 UTC 2015

> Really, I can't imaging doing something besides basic testing on PC
> with < 2 GB of RAM. Your FF will eat first one, ZFS arc the second
> and IPS will go in swap... And what for do you need 32-bit server?
> The last 32-bit server we had was shut down it seems in 2012. It had
> 2GB RAM and run FreeBSD 6.4.... Oh, no, we still have one gateway
> which runs FreeBSD 4.6.2 and has ~ 400M RAM. I hope you are not
> going to run OI on such "server" :)

My main computer, on which I run my webserver, mailserver, and ftp
server, is a 32-bit computer with 256 megabytes of memory.  It is the
computer on which I am writing these words now.  And I am using ZFS
filesystems for most of the files that I work with.  Since I can no
longer run Linux on this computer (as described in a recent posting),
I am very glad to have an OpenSolaris-derived operating system that
functions, and functions well, on it.  So, perhaps you will now be
able to imagine that which was for you, until now, unimaginable.

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