[OpenIndiana-discuss] Imagining The Unimaginable

Joshua M. Clulow josh at sysmgr.org
Thu Mar 5 22:15:10 UTC 2015


On 5 March 2015 at 06:41,  <jay at m5.chicago.il.us> wrote:
> My main computer, on which I run my webserver, mailserver, and ftp
> server, is a 32-bit computer with 256 megabytes of memory.  It is the
> computer on which I am writing these words now.  And I am using ZFS
> filesystems for most of the files that I work with.

What model of CPU(s) do you have in this machine?  You can find out
with "psrinfo -vp".


Joshua M. Clulow
UNIX Admin/Developer

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