[OpenIndiana-discuss] rastertoz55 and the Lexmark X6170

John D Groenveld jdg117 at elvis.arl.psu.edu
Wed Mar 18 12:35:38 UTC 2015

In message <5508BAFF.60401 at kit.edu>, "Udo Grabowski (IMK)" writes:
>I don't know since it's closed source, but I know that
>z53 could also work to some degree with a z55. Anyway,
>worth a try since the software is already there, but some
>hacking in the ppd and xml files is necessary to get
>that model directed to that driver. And then plug and pray...

# lpadmin -p lexmark-x6170 -v /dev/usb/printer0 -o banner=never \
-I postscript \
-n /usr/share/ppd/SUNWfoomatic/Lexmark/Lexmark-Z51-lx5000.ppd.gz
# /usr/bin/enable lexmark-x6170
# /usr/sbin/accept lexmark-x6170

groenveld at acm.org

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