[OpenIndiana-discuss] A little coaching on purchase of hp xw8600

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Sat Mar 28 18:47:02 UTC 2015

I own 1 hp 8600  running OI 151_09

I'd like to have a twin and shopping on ebay.

My current xw8600 came from ebay with 2x Xeon and 32 GB ram

I'm not finding a ready made twin but see a few 2x Xeon xw8600's .

What I don't feel confident about is how to ramp up the RAM.

This particular offering:

Has only 16 GB ram.  so what I'm shakey about is if I might hit a situation
where instead of being able to add another 16 GB, it might turn out to
be that all 8 slots are filled with 2gb sticks or something of that
nature, so that I can't just add another 16 but would need to buy all
32GB in different sized sticks

And in the specs it mentions something about a `riser' card that
apparently can create room for more ram or something like that.

I hoped some experienced kind soul here might be able to offer some
expertise on how I would go about turning this machine into a 32 GB
machine and maybe a void some stumbling blocks that can not

Maybe even a ball park guess at the extra cost.

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