[Userland] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #3876] (Resolved) hipster: libpython2.6_db.so.1.0 is invalid

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Sat Aug 10 02:53:19 UTC 2013

Issue #3876 has been updated by Ken Mays.

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Issue resolved. Reviewed on openindiana 5.11 illumos-ae44990 (hipster). Good job! 
Bug #3876: hipster: libpython2.6_db.so.1.0 is invalid

Author: Marcel Telka
Status: Resolved
Priority: Normal
Assignee: OI Userland
Category: SFW (Solaris Freeware)
Target version: 
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: python

The libpython2.6_db.so.1.0 seems to be invalid in hipster:

$ file /usr/lib/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0
/usr/lib/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0:	commands text
$ file /usr/lib/amd64/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0
/usr/lib/amd64/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0:	commands text

Earlier, the libpython2.6_db.so.1.0 file was different:

$ file /tmp/tmp.mKaiHl/usr/lib/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0
/tmp/tmp.mKaiHl/usr/lib/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0:	ELF 32-bit LSB dynamic lib 80386 Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped
$ file /tmp/tmp.mKaiHl/usr/lib/amd64/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0
/tmp/tmp.mKaiHl/usr/lib/amd64/libpython2.6_db.so.1.0:	ELF 64-bit LSB dynamic lib AMD64 Version 1 [SSE CMOV], dynamically linked, not stripped

Because of this, mdb does not work properly:

# mdb core.packagemanager.101.1373312826 
Loading modules: [ libc.so.1mdb: couldn't load pydb functions: No such file or directory
mdb: libpython2.6.so.1.0 module failed to initialize
 libuutil.so.1 libnvpair.so.1 libumem.so.1 libavl.so.1 libsysevent.so.1 libproc.so.1 libtopo.so.1 ld.so.1 ]

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