[Userland] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #4087] OI_151a8 /hipster Mercurial 2.7 not working properly

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Fri Aug 30 18:39:11 UTC 2013

Issue #4087 has been updated by Ken Mays.

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Bug #4087: OI_151a8 /hipster Mercurial 2.7 not working properly

Author: Bryan Iotti
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Assignee: OI Userland
Category: SFW (Solaris Freeware)
Target version: 
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: mercurial

I'm using Mercurial to track a Rails project.
If I use /usr/bin/hg, it inits the repo incorrectly and doesn't add any files.
The /opt/csw/bin/hg command, from OpenCSW, works correctly.

If I create two identical projects and run "/usr/bin/hg init" on the first and "/opt/csw/bin/hg init" on the second, I can diff the repos.
The one using the system version does not contain a dirstate file.

Some versions to understand my environment:
I'm on illumos-bbaa8b6.
/usr/bin/hg is version 2.7, "file" lists it as "executable /usr/bin/python2.6 script"
/opt/csw/bin/hg is version 2.6.3, "file" lists it as "executable /opt/csw/bin/python script"

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