[Userland] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #3874] Packagemanager core dumps with hipster

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Wed Nov 13 09:49:30 UTC 2013

Issue #3874 has been updated by Predrag Zečević.


still happens.
Bug #3874: Packagemanager core dumps with hipster

Author: Gary Gendel
Status: New
Priority: Urgent
Assignee: OI Userland
Category: SFW (Solaris Freeware)
Target version: 
Difficulty: Medium
Tags: python

After an update from hipster, packagemanager core dumps.  The trace-back is:

Core was generated by `/usr/bin/python2.6 /usr/bin/packagemanager'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
[New process 67755    ]
#0  0xfecfb660 in PyString_Format (format=0x84e14c0, args=0x80aeb3c)
    at /data/jenkins/jobs/oi-userland/workspace/components/python/python26/Python-2.6.8/Objects/stringobject.c:5051
5051 /data/jenkins/jobs/oi-userland/workspace/components/python/python26/Python-2.6.8/Objects/stringobject.c: No such file or directory.
        in /data/jenkins/jobs/oi-userland/workspace/components/python/python26/Python-2.6.8/Objects/stringobject.c

pkg works fine, so it seems to be something specific to the GUI wrapper.  The left-hand pane is displayed but it crashes before populating the right-hand pane. 

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