Community-driven illumos Distribution

New Website

A keen eye may have noticed that things look a bit different. We have a new Website and a different logo. It’s not a new Logo just one that was hidden on the old website for a long time.

With the refresh of the website we found that a bit of a birdish illumos-y look and acompanying design was in order. In the last couple years all illumos distros have had logos and designs made with beautiful birds and colors so we couldn’t be the only one with an abstract one. Also it gives this nice personality to the project. The bird is a mixture between a Sparrow and a Phoenix. Having a bit of both personalities. The Sparrows playful but serious attitude but also looks small like a chick of another bigger bird. That size fits the state of the project really well, as we are in the process of rebirth and with much effort from all Maintainers we gain new People and have an active Update stream. The rejuvination is also a good wish for the illumos project as a whole. Be that with the Arm work that allows people to redo much of the build system. The talks that Oxide fosters and the prototypes they make or the new developments going on with MNX and SmartOS. We are happy to be part of the community and hope this refresh also signifies that.

Some practical Information.

Requests for improvments and PR’s welcome.

—Toasty for the Maintainers