Community-driven illumos Distribution

OpenIndiana 2021.12 SPARC pre-release

A new prerelease version of OpenIndiana Hipster 2021.12 for SPARC is available for testing. The ISO image can be downloaded here:

The corresponding IPS repository is here:

There are a few issues during installation, so be sure to read the file


available in the download area above.

Note that this is not an official release of the OpenIndiana project. With your help, it could become one!

This prerelease is intended to provide a base for further development and testing. In particular, the next step will be to make OpenIndiana for SPARC self-hosting using gcc7. This is a fair amount of work yet.

The prerelease can be installed on a wide range of SPARC-based servers and workstations, both on bare metal and in an LDOM. However, it is not yet possible to run a full desktop.

We would be happy to hear installation reports!

If you have questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please send an email to or join the #openindiana IRC channel on

Many thanks to all who contributed! The heavy lifting was done by Klaus Ziegler, with help from Toomas Soome, Andreas Wacknitz, Olaf Bohlen, Gary Mills, Peter Tribble, Till Wegmüller, and many others. Thanks to Till for hosting both the download files and the repository!

Have fun using OpenIndiana for SPARC!