Community-driven illumos Distribution

Release 2023.10

And again time has passed and things have happened. This release brings a lot of improvements and smaller or bigger changes.

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Notable Software packages

ARM status

Some people have heard about the ARM project within illumos and were wondering if there would be an ARM release. So far ARM has a base distro based on OmniOSCE and it will probably only have that one distribution as a dedicated Channel. Linux Distributions are larger projects so it makes sense for them to have many different ARM distributions. illumos is smaller and thus it does not make sense to have multiple channels competing for users. There will however be sharing of code updates. We hope somebody wants to look at libdrm as an example.

Call for Maintainers

We would like to mention here that we are looking for maintainers. If you always wanted to participate in an OpenSource project we are always looking for people. There are a few dedicated maintainers and we would love to see more people join in. There are many things to do in a distribution project and never enough hands. With the size of the project you can participate in places you cannot in other projects.

We thank all contributors and regulars for their work and are looking forward to a fun 2024.