[oi-dev] illumos based OpenIndiana DVD

Joerg Schilling Joerg.Schilling at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Tue Feb 22 17:41:46 UTC 2011

"Garrett D'Amore" <garrett at nexenta.com> wrote:

> I think in general, the idea of swapping back and forth between
> different versions of ONNV is not going to work out so well.
> There are challenges related to dependencies between ON (or
> illumos-gate) and the rest of the system, and having multiple moving
> targets is going to be impractical for end-users or even distribution
> builders to work with.
> My read of Schillix-ON is that you want to build a different
> distribution, with a different core (based on SVR4 as well it seems), so
> you can tune your distro for the decisions you make around your fork of
> ON.

Schillix-ON deliveres SVR4 packages (98% ready) as well as 
IPS packages. This permits any downstream to use the code.

> While that's fine, I am not sure it is fair to ask either end-users or
> distribution builders to cope with the notion of "swapping" a different
> ON derivative out given the rather insane dependency graph that is
> associated with ON.

I am in hope that it is possible to discuss the issues and to agree on the same 
naming scheme. 


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