[oi-dev] SPARC Text Installer

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 12:32:36 UTC 2011

Hi Matt,

That's a really good idea.

My only concern with your proposal is that you're biting off a lot of 
work in one go. As gber has pointed out there's quite a bit involved in 
getting the latest stuff working together (such as Illumos, perl 5.10, 
JDS, etc).

It might be worth you re-creating oi_148 but for SPARC. That would be 
very useful for a lot of people, and serve as a first step for doing the 
next chunk of work.

In theory if you were to apply gber's JDS patches and follow the 
documentation things should go fairly smoothly, and if you do get stuck 
help will be available more easily as its re-creating something that was 
done on x86.

Does that sound of interest?



On 02/23/11 09:06 AM, MATTHEW WILBY wrote:
> Good Morning,
> I've seen various people enquire about when we are going to release a
> SPARC iso.
> What I'd like to propose is that we work towards preparing a dev text
> installer, using Illumos and incorporating the the hard work done on
> g11n, and a recent build of SFW etc. I think most people are using SPARC
> based servers as opposed to workstations, so I suspect XNV/JDS can
> follow at a later date if there is interest.
> I believe it's important to get a *development* release out the door to
> allow people to test on the SPARC platform to provide feedback, generate
> additional interest and give people an alternative to Oracle tax.
> I'm not suggesting this should be a stable release. I'm not sure what
> consolidation versions should be used.
> As I commented on IRC last night I'm willing to put in the effort to
> help get this done, but will need some guidance along the way.
> Bad idea or not, I'm hoping that this will get a conversation going as I
> believe we need to make a decision about where we are going with the
> SPARC platform.....
> :-)
> Cheers,
> Matt (Wilbs)
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