[oi-dev] SPARC Text Installer

Matthew Wilby mwilby at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 19:07:38 UTC 2011

Hi Albert,

On 23 February 2011 17:30, Albert Lee <trisk at opensolaris.org> wrote:

> > What I'd like to propose is that we work towards preparing a dev text
> > installer, using Illumos and incorporating the the hard work done on
> g11n,
> > and a recent build of SFW etc. I think most people are using SPARC based
> > servers as opposed to workstations, so I suspect XNV/JDS can follow at a
> > later date if there is interest.
> Additionally, SPARC graphics support is extremely limited so the
> desktop target will primarily be Sun Ray and other remote sessions. It
> is probably possible to omit all of XNV, but JDS provides core
> software including Python.
When I looked at Sun Rays several years back, there seemed to be more of a
push to install SRSS on x86, I forget the exact reason, probably cost and at
the time T2000s weren't great. Are there really that many people using Sun
Rays on SPARC?

> > I'm not suggesting this should be a stable release. I'm not sure what
> > consolidation versions should be used.
> >
> I have confidence we can reproduce builds for 148.
Is this based upon using Illumos (as per oi_148a) or Oracle ON?

It would be interesting to know what the Illumos guys think about SPARC, and
if they see it as supportable long term.


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