[oi-dev] userland history has changed

Bayard Bell buffer.g.overflow at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 19:39:47 UTC 2012

The changed history is now in place, both on hg.illumos.org (available
by anonhg ssh) and hg.openindiana.org (available by ssh). You will
need to clone from scratch. I'll reiterate from a previous mail:

If you have clones out there for issues, what I'd suggest is waiting
until there's an illumos/illumos-userland to clone from. Take what
you've got in your issue clone, push it to bitbucket for backup ("hg
push ssh://[email protected]/<userid>/illumos-userland-<issue>"),
export the changes (e.g. "hg export -g -o ~/illumos-userland.<issue>
tip"--you will need to do this for additional revisions between the
canonical tip and the local if you have multiple changesets for the
issue), stomp the local repo ("hg strip 0"), re-path it to the
canonical (edit .hg/hgrc off the top of the clone to set "default =
ssh://[email protected]/illumos/illumos-userland"), sync to the local
clone ("hg fetch"; if you haven't enabled the fetch extension, add
"fetch = " in the "[extensions]" section of ~/.hgrc), and then import
your changes back in ("hg import ~/illumos-userland-<issue>"). Do an
"hg outgoing ssh://[email protected]/illumos/illumos-userland" to
confirm that the changes you've imported all show up.

To confirm that you've got a clean clone, the current head is:

changeset:   492:feb4ae69ab0d
bookmark:    master
tag:         tip
user:        Andrew Stormont <andrew.stormont at nexenta.com>
date:        Sun Mar 11 22:49:55 2012 +0000
summary:     2192 userland-fetch can't handle FTP link.


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