[oi-dev] [userland] userland history has changed

Adam Števko adam.stevko at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 19:45:28 UTC 2012


I will add that the illumos-userland can be cloned form hg.openindiana.org over HTTPS.
The URL is https://hg.openindiana.org/illumos-userland/.



On Apr 16, 2012, at 9:39 PM, Bayard Bell wrote:

> The changed history is now in place, both on hg.illumos.org (available
> by anonhg ssh) and hg.openindiana.org (available by ssh). You will
> need to clone from scratch. I'll reiterate from a previous mail:
> If you have clones out there for issues, what I'd suggest is waiting
> until there's an illumos/illumos-userland to clone from. Take what
> you've got in your issue clone, push it to bitbucket for backup ("hg
> push ssh://[email protected]/<userid>/illumos-userland-<issue>"),
> export the changes (e.g. "hg export -g -o ~/illumos-userland.<issue>
> tip"--you will need to do this for additional revisions between the
> canonical tip and the local if you have multiple changesets for the
> issue), stomp the local repo ("hg strip 0"), re-path it to the
> canonical (edit .hg/hgrc off the top of the clone to set "default =
> ssh://[email protected]/illumos/illumos-userland"), sync to the local
> clone ("hg fetch"; if you haven't enabled the fetch extension, add
> "fetch = " in the "[extensions]" section of ~/.hgrc), and then import
> your changes back in ("hg import ~/illumos-userland-<issue>"). Do an
> "hg outgoing ssh://[email protected]/illumos/illumos-userland" to
> confirm that the changes you've imported all show up.
> To confirm that you've got a clean clone, the current head is:
> changeset:   492:feb4ae69ab0d
> bookmark:    master
> tag:         tip
> user:        Andrew Stormont <andrew.stormont at nexenta.com>
> date:        Sun Mar 11 22:49:55 2012 +0000
> summary:     2192 userland-fetch can't handle FTP link.
> Cheers,
> Bayard
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