[oi-dev] Are there any active healthchecks for SMF in general?

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Apr 18 15:00:17 UTC 2012

2012-04-18 18:33, Bayard Bell написал:
> tl;dr
> Seems like an upstream question (illumos-gate and/or illumos-userland).
> Even in terms of the upstream, we don't really do RFEs unless there's
> enough interest in the issue that someone's likely to write some code.

"tldr" is my problem of sorts ;)

Still, this was not so much an RFE per se, but rather a statement
that "I have to make such-and-such workaround too often", so I do
have solutions to the problem. I wonder if the problem annoys/bugs
others too, if they want the solution, and if my approach is sane
and/or acceptable.

In particular, my SMF healthchecks are embedded into scrpt code
of several method-scripts I made for my projects. I think that
what I learned from that could be generalized for everyone's
benefit, but I might rewrite it into another shell or perl
script. That is likely not a good way to build into SMF core,
so other interested developers might pick up the algorithm
and/or the idea, and code some C...


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