[oi-dev] possible bridging issue in 151a8 hipster

Chad Cantwell chad at iomail.org
Sat Jun 1 21:45:19 UTC 2013

I pkg image-update'd the below machine again against the current hipster repo, and
there were no bridging issues this time, so either the problem is fixed in hipster
or else the original issue was just a fluke of the upgrade process.

Chad Cantwell

On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 02:26:38AM -0700, Chad Cantwell wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a heads up; I installed hipster 151a8 on a few machines with no
> difficulty, but the last machine has a 10 gigabit ethernet bridge
> bridging ixgbe0 and ixgbe1.  In 151a8, the bridge doesn't seem to pass
> traffic anymore although it looks like it is still configured.  The
> interfaces themselves seem to work and I can talk to one side of the
> link (the interface where I configured the 151a8 machine's actual IP),
> but not the other interface that is supposed to be bridged to the first.
> So, I'm not sure if this is a straight 151a8 issue or an issue with how
> it is packaged in the hipster repository.  Maybe if anyone else is
> using bridging in 151a8 they can specify if it's working for them or
> not?  Incidently, my ixgbe0 and ixgbe1 ports are on an x540 PCI-E card,
> but I don't think this is relevant since the interfaces themselves seem
> to be working fine.  Rebooting back into 151a7 restores bridge
> functionality.
> Thanks,
> Chad Cantwell
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