[oi-dev] Dear OpenSolaris community: 52 OpenSXCE Screenshots documenting x86/x86_64 LiveDVD install:

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Thank you Martin for your very hard work.  It is greatly appreciated and noticed.  Personally, I think OpenSXCE should replace OI, but that is my own opinion.

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Subject: [oi-dev] Dear OpenSolaris community: 52 OpenSXCE Screenshots documenting x86/x86_64 LiveDVD install:




Sorry for one delay after another.
The days fly away, like minutes.
All 4 x86/x64 isos (incl. usb) still contain a few cosmetic bugs, but are up in the cloud (OO has incorrect Desktop icons, although I have fixed them, pkgutil chaching related), emacs doesn't start up (isaexec versus libs) and such stuff.
As time runs away, I think most of you cannot longer wait.
So these things get deferred to 2013.06.
Yes, OpenSXCE will have one release per month, for IA32/AMD64 and sun4u/sun4v.
TextCD.iso, LiveDVD.iso (which includes JDS, IceWM, gui-installa and additionally text-install), both for SPARC (incl. USB) and x86.

But from experience I had to learn, what a damn superficial animal this planet is.
For this reason I'm currently in the process of converting the (then planned but never released) August18th 2012 MartUX SPARC-OpenIndiana Homepage to OpenSXCE x86, x86, sun4u and sun4v.

This is almost completed, and in the process I created these Screenshots:

While installing a VirtualBox qed disk image for you (may or may not also work in QEMU, untested).


%martin bochnig
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