[oi-dev] Disruption of Openindiana groups by long Subject lines

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 22:59:05 UTC 2013

Who is managing Openindiana mailing lists and testing/development groups
mailing lists?

I once or twice mentioned that Openindiana has too long Subjects in
messages regarding development/testing groups.

I think that , even maybe that long subject lines were maybe there by
mistake in the start,
I can not feel more sure that there are there intentionally.
Whatever other intentions of long subject lines on mailing lists that
to group people of doing some cohesive work on distribution,
I see them as one of the main reasons those group do not acquire more
people and job is not done more quickly.

If this is small and unimportant issue, let's solve it to move forward.
Let's cut those long subject lines that stop people from seeing the
subjects themselves:
So we can actually read them and move forward on something in those groups.

Here they are:
[Caiman-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #2997]
 -> [Caiman-team][OIBug#2997] -> [OI-Caiman-Bug#2997]
[G11n-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #924]
 -> [G11n-team][OIBug#924] -> [OI-G11n-Bug#924]
[Jds-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Feature #578]
 -> [Jds-team][OIFeature#578] -> [OI-Jds-Feature#578]
[Pkg-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #3377]
 -> [Pkg-team][OIBug#3377] -> [OI-Pkg-Bug#3377]
[Sfw-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #3221]
 -> [Sfw-team][OIBug#3221] -> [OI-Sfw-Bug#3221]
[Userland-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Feature #1233]
 -> [Userland-team][OIFeature#1233] -> [OI-Userland-Feature#1233]
[Xnv-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #3421]
 -> [Xnv-team][OIBug#3421] -> [OI-Xnv-Bug#3421]

Care to comment?
I think it is important issue.
Nikola M.

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