[oi-dev] OpenSXCE: To live or to die

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Wed Jun 5 01:12:01 UTC 2013

Thanks, I could have many jobs.
Had I not refused them, because I personally rather wanted to work for free
(on OpenSolaris), than for $$$ on LinUX.
Also: I live in 2 countries, 1500 km apart.
It is simply impossible to accept any normal day-jobs.
My desk it the web. It allows me to work from Ukraine and damn Berlin.

The best news is, that I got 2 interesting job offers after my "rant".
Even quite related I would say.

You: Let's just avoid each other, if not necessary.

Community: I also apologize to the community for the noise from time to
If you ever get that much caffeine and that little sleep for 3 weeks in a
row, maybe you understand me better.

But as said: OpenSXCE was intended as my well-intended honest gift to
Illumos, because at the time I still believed the marketing fluff, that the
community and Illumos were synonymous.
The less interest and respect you gave me, the more I got disappointed. How
was that with "rational thinking" again??!

Imagine for a second, you built a house as gift for your friend. And she
laughs about your "insanity".
How would you or any reasonable person react?

It would have been true insanity, had I not spoken out what became more and
more obvious.

So lets be just avoid contact, if not required.
Good luck to you and Illumos

best regards,
   %martin bochnig

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:55 AM, Garrett D'Amore
<garrett.damore at dey-sys.com>wrote:

> Well, Martin,
> Let me apologize for sending that message as widely as I did.  I intended
> for it to be a unicast reply, not sent to the world.   So I'm sorry if I've
> embarrassed you, and you can feel certain that I am embarrassed by my own
> carelessness in the reply.
> (This message *is* intended for the group though.)
> That said, I stand by what I said -- with the possible exception about the
> meds… I don't know if you're being medicated or not, but I suspect that you
> may well benefit from it.  Frankly speaking, your single minded devotion
> towards a distribution that is so evidently non-commercially viable, even
> to the point of being unable to feed yourself or provide for your family,
> suggests strongly to me that you *are* in need of some professional help
> which may or may not include medication.
> Frankly, your behavior in the community has been somewhat -- tumultuous,
> with occasional bursts of irrational emotion.
> This is unfortunate, as it does seem that you do care and contribute code
> the community, and I actually do believe that it may be possible to find a
> commercial market for a distribution like OpenSXCE, *if* you could manage
> to develop a *community* behind it.  As a one man show, where that one man
> is prone to occasional bouts of irrational outbursts, its unlikely to draw
> the attention of the commercial customers you would need for such a product.
> Martin, I wish you -- and OpenSXCE -- the best -- I hope you find
> employment somewhere, and I hope you can address your most immediate needs
> for yourself and your family.  Those are more important than any lines of
> code you may contribute to the Solaris or illumos communities.
> All of this is true regardless of whether or not you continue your
> participation in this community.
> Best of luck to you (and I really do wish you the best of luck, regardless
> of what you think),
>         - Garrett
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%martin bochnig

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