[oi-dev] OpenSXCE: To live or to die

Garrett D'Amore garrett.damore at dey-sys.com
Wed Jun 5 00:55:54 UTC 2013

Well, Martin,

Let me apologize for sending that message as widely as I did.  I intended for it to be a unicast reply, not sent to the world.   So I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you, and you can feel certain that I am embarrassed by my own carelessness in the reply.

(This message *is* intended for the group though.)

That said, I stand by what I said -- with the possible exception about the meds… I don't know if you're being medicated or not, but I suspect that you may well benefit from it.  Frankly speaking, your single minded devotion towards a distribution that is so evidently non-commercially viable, even to the point of being unable to feed yourself or provide for your family, suggests strongly to me that you *are* in need of some professional help which may or may not include medication.

Frankly, your behavior in the community has been somewhat -- tumultuous, with occasional bursts of irrational emotion.

This is unfortunate, as it does seem that you do care and contribute code the community, and I actually do believe that it may be possible to find a commercial market for a distribution like OpenSXCE, *if* you could manage to develop a *community* behind it.  As a one man show, where that one man is prone to occasional bouts of irrational outbursts, its unlikely to draw the attention of the commercial customers you would need for such a product.

Martin, I wish you -- and OpenSXCE -- the best -- I hope you find employment somewhere, and I hope you can address your most immediate needs for yourself and your family.  Those are more important than any lines of code you may contribute to the Solaris or illumos communities.

All of this is true regardless of whether or not you continue your participation in this community.

Best of luck to you (and I really do wish you the best of luck, regardless of what you think),

	- Garrett

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