[oi-dev] Stalled on getting LibreOffice to work

Peter Tribble peter.tribble at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 10:13:11 UTC 2013

Quick update.

What problems are you using LD_ALTEXEC to sidestep?  In my experience gnu
>> ld will quite happily generate binaries which are broken, and while the
>> illumos linker does like to complain a lot - most of the time it has a good
>> reason.
> Thanks for chiming in.
> It doesn't work without :-(

So, having fixed solenv/gbuild/platform/solaris.mk to not pass stupid
flags to ld, libreoffice with my minimal set of patches builds

Unfortunately, it makes absolutely no difference to the actual
functionality. It crashes just like it did before.

-Peter Tribble
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