[oi-dev] [OpenIndiana-discuss] Sun/Oracle China's DRM//KMS Sol11.2 port backported to function on old-style gfxp_private from pre-2010 era but still immediatedly PANICS

Мартин Бохниг opensxce at mail.ru
Sat Dec 12 10:35:59 UTC 2015

>Пятница, 11 декабря 2015, 19:50 -08:00 от randyf at sibernet.com:
>> First let's give Sun/Oracle Menlo Park some time to respond.
>   Two comments immediately come to mind:
>    Don't be changing copyrights
>    Be mindful of attribution of imported source.

Where did I change a single copyright (other than in one case the year which in fact wasn't done by myself but in your own gate)?
You won't find my name or anything in a single line.
Because this is Sun's port of DRM's work (X.org and LinUX kernel plus some *BSD folks being friends with them).

It is also no code release to the community, but was intended for _____your_____ investigation, because it doesn't only refuse to function on OI/Illumos, but also on your own S11.0 and you said before that you find this interesting from Sun/Oracle's perspective, too.

Also, I didn't hear a single, oh, aha, cool.
If you go after me with your copyright (which I didn't change), why did you release it first?
BTW: Before Sun ported it commercially it was all created by some enthusiasts at X.org/LinUX/*BSD.

The interesting thing is: My diffs make your port minimalistically (at this point, but) _independent_ of your mempool implementation and other stuff later added to gfx_private. And while it should hence work on S11.0 and Illumos, it doesn't. However: In theory it does work because on 11.1++ it boots into Xorg plus compiz plus gnome.
The reason for the NULL pointer dereference is probably, that S11.1++'s gfx_private does some fb mapping, which your DRM/KMS driver expects to be in place.
If it isn't we get the panic.

But I don't care. I wasted enough time with that, although the diffs itself look extremely short.
However - the other code around it is _not_ short. And it all affects everything and gets affected by everything and vice versa and versa vice.

We can also take the VESA forever or I must continue with my own instable crappy 2013 mess.
But your copyright warning for no reason at all - if that's the only thing you have to say???

Apropos copyright: In 2007 Sun invited me for a quick talk into Menlo Park's X11 lab.
I told you that you and how you can use Xorg on SPARC (which was denied by Sun before).
Later you incorporated it into Solaris.
Did I ever get a single credit or Kopeke for it??
NO. Because Sun never used a single line from the FullyOpenX aka FOX gate. It was all complete nonsense for no reason.
Just a show.

Ahh, let's forget that.
If this was your only comment about my above diffs, then it is not very much.

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