[oi-dev] [OpenIndiana-discuss] Sun/Oracle China's DRM//KMS Sol11.2 port backported to function on old-style gfxp_private from pre-2010 era but still immediatedly PANICS

randyf at sibernet.com randyf at sibernet.com
Sat Dec 12 03:50:57 UTC 2015

On Fri, 11 Dec 2015, Мартин Бохниг wrote:

> Hi Aurélien,
>       Пятница, 11 декабря 2015, 19:47 +01:00 от Aurélien Larcher
>       <aurelien.larcher at gmail.com>:
>       To be precise, at least I can see that the device id is not
>       listed in:
> https://hg.openindiana.org/upstream/oracle/x-cons/x-s12-clone/file/5dc3c751c
>       9c5/open-src/kernel/sys/drm/drm_pciids.h
> don't waste 10 seconds to care about the basic DRM stub that made it into
> OpenSolaris before OS/Net got locked in mid 2010.
> It is so basic, minimal and outdated - we shall better not comment on it.

   One thing I agree on: pay no mind to drm_pciids.h; it is an artifact of 
old code and will be gone soon.

> I hope this answers your question.
> Also be aware, that the correct pciids must also be in the underlying agpgart
> framework (which brings us back to the waste of 10 seconds in case of
> OpenSolaris/Illumos).

   agpgart doesn't care about the drm/i915 pci id's either.

   The one that is relevant is the id's in the package manifest:


And I'm guessing that the pciid for the X230 is in this list, as HD 4000 
should work.

> First let's give Sun/Oracle Menlo Park some time to respond.

   Two comments immediately come to mind:

    Don't be changing copyrights
    Be mindful of attribution of imported source.


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