[oi-dev] [HEADS UP] Updated Graphics DRM code was integrated

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Mon Dec 19 18:25:38 UTC 2016

Updated DRM code was integrated in OpenIndiana Hipster.
On update you should get

driver/graphics/agpgart at 0.5.11-2016.1.1.46
driver/graphics/drm at 0.5.11-2016.1.1.46
x11/library/libdrm at 2.4.73-2016.1.1.46

Now OI should support generation 2/3/4/5 Intel Adapters.

If you find any issues, please, report them at

So far there's one known serious issue (present in older drm port as 
well) -
the DRM driver does not restore VGA text mode when Xorg does its
last close of a DRM driver handle (https://www.illumos.org/issues/7624).

Thanks Gordon for his work on updating drm code and Martin for his 
initial port.
System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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