[oi-dev] Update on XNV and JDS consolidation migrations

Aurélien Larcher aurelien.larcher at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 01:09:27 UTC 2016

since not everyone follows what happens in oi-userland I figured that I
could give a short description of the work regarding consolidations.

As you know, one important milestone is to be able to build OpenIndiana
using oi-userland, which required migrating consolidations: the JDS (Java
Desktop System) and XNV (X11) consolidations are basically the last on the
I decided to spend some time this week end to move forward on this track.

Some time ago I listed packages which needed love:


I came up with a list of 124 packages: some of them are obsolete, some of
them are closed source and the rest is largely divided between JDS, XNV and
some localization packages.

In short:

- about 20 packages for JDS, 15 still relevant out of which 11 are migrated.

- about 74 packages for XNV, 70 still relevant out of which 52 are migrated.

- XNV components were based on the x-S12 tree from the X Window System for
Solaris Project at Oracle:


and since this latter consists of modules delivering possibly several
components, we actually have about 90 components to be added to oi-userland
right now.

- there are 24 components left for packaging in x-S12, some of them not
present in OI, I do not know if some of them are irrelevant:

./libepoxy (some fixes needed)
./libxkbcommon (some fixes needed)

and about 70 font-related packages which I do not know if they are all


- the branch is located here:


A few packages (e.g xrandr and xclipboard) could not be built yet because I
could not bypass x-incorporation even after disabling facet.version-lock on
components and facet.require on the incorporation.

If you are interested in working on some of the remaining components, your
help will be very appreciated and warmly thanked :)

The next stage would certainly consist in reviewing the components and
testing X libraries one by one and in the correct order using this branch.
Best regards,


Praise the Caffeine embeddings
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