[oi-dev] Update on XNV and JDS consolidation migrations

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Feb 9 01:13:03 UTC 2016

On 02/ 7/16 05:09 PM, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
> - there are 24 components left for packaging in x-S12, some of them not present
> in OI, I do not know if some of them are irrelevant:
> ./accessx

This is a motif client for configuring accessibility settings - the GNOME
preferences panel does a better job of this for GNOME users.

> ./appres
 > ./editres
 > ./listres
 > ./viewres

These are tools for working with the resources used by old libXt based clients,
not very useful with gtk or Qt+ clients, but not entirely irrelevant since there
are still some of those old programs around.

> ./build-tools

These are build tools specific to the X gate infrastructure, irrelevant (or
duplicate) for building in Userland.  (The time.c file is a local copy of
Userland's tools/time.c.)

> ./compat-links

This just makes symlinks for backwards compatibility with old Solaris releases
that had X under /usr/openwin or /usr/X11.

> ./drm

That's kinda important, though you may still be using the older code from the
illumos gate instead.

> ./dsession

That's probably entirely useless to you, unless someone added SPARC M7 support
when I wasn't looking.

> ./fbconfig

This tool is for configuring SPARC frame buffers - useful in a SPARC port,
utterly irrelevant on x86.

> ./intel-gpu-tools

This is handy for debugging problems with the Intel DRM/KMS drivers.

> ./libepoxy (some fixes needed)
> ./libxkbcommon (some fixes needed)
> ./libxshmfence

Those are newer libraries, needed by some new things like mutter & gnome-shell.

> ./makedepend

Some other programs like having this around to keep makefile dependencies up to 

> ./rasterfile

Headers & man page describing the ancient Sun rasterfile graphics support.
I don't remember if anything you ship requires them.

> ./sun-aliases

Font aliases for old Solaris fonts that are helpful for backwards compatibility
of old apps/configs, but not very relevant to new users.

> ./synergy

A neat program that lets users with multiple computers side-by-side share
a mouse and keyboard across them, instead of having a separate one for each.

> ./transset

Handy little tool for setting window transparency when using a compositor.

> ./workspace-patterns

Highly irrelevant ancient set of OpenWindows background tiled patterns.

> ./xorg-cf-files

Data files for Imake, sadly still relevant to a small number of programs that 
haven't given up and moved to something better like automake yet.

> ./xorg-docs
> ./xorg-sgml-doctools

Docs are good, as are tools to build them, but if your users just had to go to
www.x.org instead to read the online copies it wouldn't be the end of the world.

> ./xserver-common

Those are various SMF & RBAC bits you'd want to have that are shared by Xorg, 
Xvnc, etc.

> and about 70 font-related packages which I do not know if they are all meaningful:

Most are only meaningful to older programs which use the old X11 bitmaps, not to 
modern GNOME/KDE/etc. software.  The main exceptions are:

> ./dejavu-fonts-ttf
> ./google-droid-fonts
> ./liberation-fonts-ttf

Those are TrueType fonts useful to modern desktop users.


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