[oi-dev] oi-userland categories

Aurélien Larcher aurelien.larcher at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 12:45:07 UTC 2016

Don't have strong opinion, whether they should live in library/ or
> developer/.

Following the logic, as compilers + runtime libraries live in 'developer'
while consumer libraries are in 'libraries' then for interpreted/jit
compiled languages it makes sense to have the core package in
'developer/my_lang' and the modules in 'library/my_lang'.

I think these twentyish categories are a good start.

I will restructure the x11 subdirectory in my x11-S12 branch following the
same scheme when I have time, i.e not before the end of the month.

> --
> Best regards,
> Alexander Pyhalov,
> system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

Praise the Caffeine embeddings
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