[oi-dev] Possible "Bug" when running OpenIndiana in KVM

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Jul 6 21:00:49 UTC 2016

6 июля 2016 г. 0:54:41 CEST, "Theodore Seán Tubbs" <theodoretubbs at firemail.cc> пишет:
>I noticed after doing a fresh install of OpenIndiana Hipster GIO
>20160421, I booted into OpenIndiana just fine, then proceeded to do
>updates, `pkg update`. After updates are done installing I pressed the
>`shutdown` button and do a reboot to the new ZFS root pool, skipping
>bootloader, OpenIndiana boots just fine again. Though later that day
>when I turned the VM on once again, and chose the root pool with
>(`openindiana-1`) everything seemed for a while to proceed as normal.
>Though after a while I just got a blank black screen with nothing on
>upon doing a hard reboot of the VM and choosing the original root pool
>(`OI Hipster`) everything went fine. I then again used the `shutdown`
>button to choose the other root pool and skip the bootloader, and
>OpenIndiana loaded just fine. Thought I'd bring this to your attention.
>To summarize:
>1 Boot fresh install
>2 Do updates
>3 Restart and skip bootloader to new root pool with updates
>4 Shutdown VM
>5 Turn VM back on, choose the new root pool
>6 Seems to load up, but I only get a black screen
>7 Boot into original root pool
>8 Repeat step 3
>9 I'm in the new root pool just fine.
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>oi-dev at openindiana.org

Generally the "do updates" step involves creation of a new boot environment, explicitly or under the hood, so you can return to a known-working setup.

Did you `beadm activate` that new BE (likely "openindiana-1" in your example) before rebooting from the old one?

Also note that since zfs snapshots and clones are involved, anything you do in system areas (including /etc, /var and /root but not other user homes) of an old BE after creating a new one, is not propagated to new ones. So generally you'd want to reboot soon ;)

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