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Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 02:46:42 UTC 2016

On 07/18/16 11:35 PM, Adam Števko wrote:
> Hello,
> As part of a larger effort at providing a more formal governance
> structure for the OpenIndiana project, I’d like to announce on the
> behalf of OI developers the adoption of an OpenIndiana Code of
> Conduct. The draft text for this new document can be found
> at http://www.openindiana.org/community/code-of-conduct/.

I posted updated revision of  "Openindiana Core Principles and
Expectations - CPE" (Code of Conduct)
on http://wiki.openindiana.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=31391953
(WIP* Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code of
Conduct) under:
OpenIndiana Community Hub
<http://wiki.openindiana.org/display/oi/OpenIndiana+Community+Hub> >
Getting Involved
<http://wiki.openindiana.org/display/oi/Getting+Involved> > Website
Ideas <http://wiki.openindiana.org/display/oi/Website+Ideas>  > WIP*
Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code of Conduct)

It comes from the perspective that it is more important to have positive
attitude and community process in resolving (if any) issues, then
mandate (secretive) police work and vague "language" related descriptions.
It is much more relaxed as a text, providing by itself better
environment for people.
It is also named "Core Principles and Expectations", because we as OI
are not by any means forced to be the same like any other free software

Please recognize the need that OI Principles/Expectations (CPE/CoC) can
not be made "just like that",
but require forming of Openindiana governing body , that also require
registering named community members etc.

I would also like to say that OI website is not a Wiki and that WIP
articles should not be posted on site directly, without review and other
if you want to make an article please do it on Wiki first, otherwise it
could be seen as pushing it to the site without any civil rules.

Also, (Adam Števko, others) please do NOT cross-post mailing list
messages (e.g. posting both on oi-dev and openindiana-discuss in same
message). It is already explained that is from ML perspective a bit rude
behavior and not very usefull, regarding problems with bounced messages
(on some mail services it gets presented only once so it is not visible
on more then one mailing list and also posting should differentiate the
targeted public).

Here is the updated text (refer to Wiki for newest):
If you have anything to add, change or else, please do comment.

      WIP* Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code of

  * Added by Nikola M. <http://wiki.openindiana.org/display/%7Enikolam>,
    last edited by Nikola M.
    <http://wiki.openindiana.org/display/%7Enikolam> on Jul 20, 2016
     (view change


This document is not by any means official Openindiana core principles
and expectations (Code of Conduct).  It Serves as a draft for editing
and discussing.
Mandating Code of conduct, requires OI governing body.
OI governing body requires creating it by delegated members of community.
Delegated members of community requires having registered active OI
community members.

Once presented from Openindiana governing body, Openindiana core
principles and expectations (Code of Conduct) can provide community
guidelines, supporting productive, respectful and collaborative
environment for any person contributing to the Openindiana.
Feel free to discuss changes under this mailing list topic:

  **Proposed** Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code
  of Conduct)

You should use them at the times as the community member, including
community-defined communication channels (Mailing lists, IRC, submitted
patches, commit comments, etc.).

    Core principles and expectations for Openindiana contributors and
    community members:

  * Respect and appreciate people's work, time, and effort.
  * Tolerate the right to have different views.
  * Recognize that your public actions determine the public perception
    of the project.
  * Participate while on topic, with personal remarks being not on topic
    at all times.
  * Interpret the words and actions of others, always assuming good
    intentions and providing good intentions.
  * Learn from others, be positive and teach others what you have learned.
  * Ask the community for confirmation of your actions and conclusions.
  * Do everything in open, discuss anything.
  * Contribute in all ways you can to make Openindiana better.
  * Maintain welcoming environment for new contributors and guide them
    in contributions.

    Discouraged behavior :

  * No personal witch hunt, based on anything toward a person(s).
  * Advocating unsubscribing, other person removal, restrictions,
    filtering or personal negative public announcements.
  * Not recognizing critique as the source of inspiration to make
    Openindiana better.

    Managing misuse escalation:

  * Point new and existing community members to Openindiana principles
    and expectations.
  * Inform and message community members to self-regulate it's own behavior.
  * If you feel needed, consult others about ways of accepting new and
    modifying existing behavior of community members.
  * If you find it important, contact IRC Channel operators, Mailing
    list administrator, Web site maintainer, Wiki editor and Project

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