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Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 05:30:01 UTC 2016

On 07/22/16 02:00 PM, Peter Tribble wrote:
> Overall, I'm happy with most of this. It's about the right length, as
> well.

What are you actually happy with? I can say I could be happy with the
first affirmative part, that is from the time of original posting
changed, but not the second part with restrictions and secrecy.

Have you seen working version at:
because document is edited in open, not in closed and on Wiki instead on
the site.

You should not seen document put on site by Adam, as something finished
and not even what will ever be used (and also can't be used because it
is conflicting with Openindiana organizing principles of inclusive
environment, that are still active)
On-site proposed version have not been reviewed before putting on the
site and includes non-precise section in the works, that it fixed in the
working version:

>     Discouraged behavior :
>   * No personal witch hunt, based on anything toward a person(s).
>   * Advocating unsubscribing, other person removal, restrictions,
>     filtering or personal negative public announcements.
>   * Not recognizing critique as the source of inspiration to make
>     Openindiana better.

instead of:
>     What will not be tolerated:
Because that section by itself is against it's own terms and actively
works against open development by limiting freedom of speech, freedom of
expression, freedom of contribution, induces negativity, and puts
EXCLUDING individuals on reasons only know to "ruling guy" (and in
secret!) instead of inclusive community that Openindiana started with
and still is.
Working against people and not discussing and fixing issues, presents
form of trolling.
Working against people and not topics it form of trolling.

> I think you need an explicit reporting mechanism. Something like
> "email abuse at openindiana.org <mailto:abuse at openindiana.org>"

Nothing can be reported, because there is no one elected to be reported
things to.
It would be against community principles to silently and secretly create
plots against people in Openindiana.
Document can't be activated because there is no governing body elected
in OI,
it can't be elected because there is no formed active community members
There is no forming active members community group, because 'poll'
posted by Adam misused the chance to register and include new people in
the community.

There are several steps needed to fulfill before such document can be

> or the like. (Of course, you need that to be routed somewhere.) And
> the first statement about
> confidentiality means that the 2nd part about not being made public is
> redundant. There's also
> no mention of consequences.

That is because in open community there is no need for consequences
because community is supposed to be self-regulated and not governed by
self-appointed  rulers.
As presented in managing section:

>     Managing misuse escalation:
>   * Point new and existing community members to Openindiana principles
>     and expectations.
>   * Inform and message community members to self-regulate it's own
>     behavior.
>   * If you feel needed, consult others about ways of accepting new and
>     modifying existing behavior of community members.
>   * If you find it important, contact IRC Channel operators, Mailing
>     list administrator, Web site maintainer, Wiki editor and Project
>     maintainer.
there is very long way to go till it ends up considered misusing.

Do you propose OI main functioning principle to be fear of consequences,
if fulfilling desires of ruling  individual. That is very bad
environment to work with and does not support freedom of expression and
is in general antihuman oriented and there is need for
community-facilitating in a positive and inclusive way.

Original proposed text in it's negative part, actually does not care
about community, people and having more contributors in.
It is non-precise and can be badly misused like that and rotates about
battling people instead of topics..
And actually, turning all organising priciple into a man-hunt, it
represent for of trolling, injected into code of conduct itself.

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