[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 07:28:44 UTC 2016

On 07/24/16 08:20 PM, Adam Števko wrote:
> Hi Till,
> I added slightly modified draft to http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Code+of+Conduct+proposals and it contains the sentence you wanted, but slightly modified and expanded:

Please don't change name of the document when editing it, for existing
Wiki page.
It is named:
Core principles and expectations have "(Code of Conduct)" in it and that
is satisfying the need to refer to it by the other acronym.

> Always seek to maintain a welcoming environment for new contributors.
> 	• Welcome new people to the project and guide them in their contributions.
> 	• Give them the time you were given when you first joined the community.
> 	• And if you weren't given enough time please set a new example for others to live by.

These changes have been integrated into existing newest text , changing
several wording in it.
They are mostly already covered and  there is no need to have sub-dots
because it looks confusing.
Things can be as short as possible for better understanding.

> Modifications come from former OSOL CoC. I hope you like this even better.
> Cheers,
> Adam

It is not ideal as an idea.
Pople like to use their free time as they like and free time is
important resource and asking them to devote more time at the first
sight is a big requirement.
I added similar wording that is much shorter and recommends the same
(Give more time then received)

If anyone mention Opensolaris similar document , it says "Be Inclusive"
and that is important message. Being inclusive turns off policing.

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